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Storytelling through Àdìrẹ is a toolbox of practical helpful tools in practicing Àdìrẹ , and a library of the ancestral pattern names and interpretations. Nigerian proverbs can also be found throughout the book, in addition to Yoruba – English translation of the pattern names.

Àdìrẹ Ẹlẹ́kọ specifically, is the use of starch paste made primarily from cassava flour. This style of Àdìrẹ was once a form of communication and storytelling. Every pattern has a name and story; often the stories are words of advice from the elders, or a form of documenting social, economic and environmental conditions. However, now, they are used as aesthetically pleasing decorations on artworks.

Today, we often see these patterns on artwork or modern day printed fabrics. We know these patterns to be authentically Nigerian, yet do not know the meanings. The book provides a colourful illustration on the pattern meanings and origins.

Storytelling Through Adire

116 page booklet on Adire making practices and pattern meanings




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  1. I just ordered. But no address eas requested


    1. Hi Karen,
      The address is automatically set to your paypal delivery address. Do let me know if you’d like it posted elsewhere


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